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Some official stuff about me, just for the record (and until my profile gets set up...)


Brian Campbell is a Montreal/Toronto poet/singer-songwriter whose first book, Guatemala and Other Poems, was published in 1994 by Window Press in Toronto. The Imaginary Album, a solo cassette of original songs, was released in 1996; The Courtier's Manuscript, an independent CD, in 2002. One song from the latter was a runner-up in the 2001 Unisong Competition; another will be used as a theme in Le Don du Nile, a large-scale musical production to be staged in Quebec and France in 2006-7.

Poetry published in the following reviews and anthology (selection):

Continuum: Time, the 4th Dimension (Cranberry Tree Press Anthology: Windsor, Ontario, 2004)
New Century, July 2004, March 2001
Pouèt~cafëe! #3, printemps-ete 2002
Poem, 1991-1994(various issues),
New Canadian Review, 1990
Acta Victoriana, l989, l979
Grain, Winter, l988
Phoenix Rising, Dec. l987
Poetry Canada Review, June l984

Translations of poetry by Francisco Santos from Spanish
published in Indigo (York University, Toronto), Summer,1991.
Translations of poetry by Etnairis Rivera (Puerto Rico) and Hebe Bonifini (Argentina) from Spanish in Ruptures, #4, 1993


Approved Writer, Writers-in-CEGEPs Program (Quebec Writer's Federation)
Currently gives lectures on creative writing and conducts poetry workshops in Quebec CEGEPs (Quebec's system of pre-university colleges)

Full member of the Canadian League of Poets, Quebec Writer's Federation

Editing/Reading Series
Co-editor (with Allen Sutterfield) of Window Press, Toronto, 1990-94. Window Press published three books, Guatemala and Other Poems by Brian Campbell, Midnight by John Tarnoc, and Medianoche Desnuda (in Spanish) by Francisco Santos; two chapbooks, No Straight Lines and Amor/Agape/Eros by Imre de C. Nemeth; poetry broadsides, postcards, and Poem, a small magazine. Also with Allen Sutterfield, started a reading series that eventually became the Art Bar Reading Series, widely regarded as the largest and longest-running weekly poetry-only series in Canada.
This now takes place in the Victory Café in Toronto.

University of Toronto: Norma Epstein Award for Poetry, l978
Unisong Competition, 2001 (London/Hollywood, CA): Runner-up, folk category, for To My Whimsical Love (song on The Courtier's Manuscript).

Brian Campbell was born in Toronto. He graduated with a B.A. in English, University of Toronto, in 1980, and completed his Diploma in Education at McGill University, Montreal, 1991. Currently he lives in Montreal, where he does freelance translating and teaches English as a Second Language.

At League of Canadian Poets

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