Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've been at Blog-City ... but I'm slowly moving here...

I started at http://briancampbell.blog-city.com/
I think blog-city's service is fine... but their community is rather small. There are thin pickings among the poets there... nobody I would truly care to dialogue with. (Believe me, I did a careful investigation...). Here some truly fine, with-it, well-read poets reside, among them

Ron Silliman
Bill Allegrezza
Victoria Chang

to name a few. Practically all of you guys are with blogger aren't you? And as a branded blog... well, we're branded. (Ssssssss.....)
So slowly I'll be moving my posts into these new digs. And getting used to protocals, making friends with the doorman, the meter man too. Not to mention the neighbours.
Yep, so far, I like the accommodation, the neighbourhood, the view!
Hi everybody! Welcome!

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