Friday, October 22, 2004


Well, folks -- or rather folk, since I've only had one consistent vistor on this fledgling blogspot site, and we both who know he is! -- I've decided to rethink this blog thing. Basically, my girlfriend has accused me of being an internet addict -- and I think she may be right. I haven't been writing with the amazing energy of a Victoria Chang, but I've been reading a lot, spending many, many hours with my eyes glued to a screen, keeping up with two blog communities, etc. So, basically I've decided to limit my online activity for the next few weeks (two hours a week? four hours a week max?), just to see if I have withdrawl symptoms. Maybe I'll do little one-liners like one million footnotes or Lyn Hejinian, blogrolled to the left....check them out, they're fascinating!!! (CR Jenson pointed them out. If you want to see his excellent blog, go through my links at or his comment posted below)

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Charles said...

Thanks for the shout out! ;)