Monday, November 08, 2004


Bush just won his first election (bare pass-- 52%), and after making a few perfunctory conciliatory noises to the other side, he's already crowing about using his "political capital". To the max, we can assume. (As he did the last time.)

Friend of mine wrote me the other day,

I have an urgent matter to discuss.

There is a poetry society meeting planned for my
dreams tonight, and I need to come with some kind of
verse that will kindle the spirits to action on behalf
of people the world over who will be suffering from
(said in Schwarznegger (sic) accent: FOUR MORE YEARS.

Could you possibly come up with some kind of verse -
question mark

So here's my contribution:

All you out there who voted Bush,
May you'all get a kick in the tush!


That'll keep those suffering spirits busy for a few years (kicking tushes).

Now I'll join PEN International.

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