Saturday, December 18, 2004

Apropos de apropos

For essays/commentaries by people like Denise Levertov, James Wright, Richard Hugo etc. on subjects like line lengths and sentimentality in verse, bookmark this site called Essays, Issues, Poetics. Fascinating reading.

By the way, I must confess to a certain stuffiness a few days back, where I expressed annoyance at poet bloggers thrusting their drafts on the world at large. Reading Mike Snider and Tony Tost's blogs (blogrolled to the right), I quite enjoyed their draft/poem postings this week. I suppose if I am interested in the poet's process, if I'm in the mood, if the poem is apropos of some vital need of mine, I can be quite open to a blogpost poem. Clearly, this goes for all poetry: for a reader to be open to it, the poem has to be apropos of a vital need...

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