Sunday, February 20, 2005


GC Waldrep makes a balanced and illuminating contribution to ongoing aesthetic discussions -- some call them the Poetics Wars ("Organic/Non-organic", although he doesn't use those terms; "experimental/traditional" etc.), over at Writer's Block. I have to agree with his views on Houlihan, which I must admit are both more informed and nuanced than those I expressed earlier. He also introduced me to a term I had never heard before: Gongorism. It's well worth reading the whole string there. (Thanks to Whimsy Speaks for pointing out the Waldrep posts...)

Waldrep in turn points us to Rubarb is Susan, a blog written by "a fellow from New Jersey" that consists of subtle and candid reviews of poems found online and elsewhere. This will soon be on my blogroll, as will be the Penn Central achives, an impressive source of readings of single poems.

Speaking of poetics discussions, though, CR Jenson writes a brilliant post on risk-taking in poetry. Risk is an energizer. So is his post!

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