Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Local Poetry Gig


Tuesday, June 7
th, 8:00PM
Arts Café, 201 Fairmount West, corner Esplanade, Mtl., Que.
Parking: suggest further east along Fairmount towards the Main


First set: Rana Bose, Anna Fuerstenberg, Endre Farkas, Louise Dessertine, Raphael Bendahan

Second set: Neale McDevitt, Jaspreet Singh, Katherine Cram, Brian Campbell , John Fretz

NB: second set starts 9:30PM


Brian Campbell said...

Just a bit of e-mail correspondence about the event, for the record:

Subject: Re: Poetry Plus evening

> Hi Brian,
> I'm back (for a few days) -- how did this go?
> Elise
> Brian Campbell wrote:

Hi Elise,

From the portion I saw it went well.

I was the second last performer, and because of teaching I arrived just a
few minutes before my performance. But -- there were lots of people there,in fact standing room only,
and for sure this series will resume in Sept. I read -- let's see, Atelier, Green Satellite Report (or whatever that's called), my translation of Leonel Rugama's The Earth is a Satellite of the Moon, and Francisco Santos' poem on Rugama (in English and Spanish). A number of people were impressed enough by the Rugama poem to come up and ask me about who he was, if there was else anything by him that was available, etc. In all a fun evening... As you
know, I LOVE doing public (or even semi-private) poetry readings...


Mampi said...

Hi Brian,
I was looking for something on Rana Bose's earliest works, including Prairie Fire(1977), I m trying to get in touch with Rana on chat and he is very helpful. But could you suggest me some other source also?