Tuesday, August 16, 2005


In response to the fleecing here and Tony's and Andrew's comments on yesterday's post below, hey, you guys sound like my kinda guys! Good for you! (By the way, I sure know what it's like not being laid for 8 months... try like 8 years! Is that ever uncool to admit! Read more about it here. Mind you, I'm glad to report that I'm making up for lost time... and my shoelaces look sharper, too... like, man, have they got flare!)

I guess with all the "New and Improved"-type slogans we've been deluged with over the past half century or so, I couldn't help but feel jaded....

When Proctor & Gamble or Post Corp. (do they still exist? does it even matter if they do?) announce a product as "New and Improved", I wonder, if it was so great before, why did it need to be improved?????

Likewise-- what was sincerity before it was *new*? Does sincerity need to be *new*? Isn't it always as *new* as it gets?

I have reread your manifesto, tho (at least your artist friend's version), and like many things about it...

so, !-)

Your catchy slogan worked. (Irked, but it worked...)

I'm off for a week to where there's no internet.

Now, the poetry...we all agree, that's the thing...

P.S. Could you provide me the link to the original manifesto?

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