Tuesday, September 20, 2005

More good news (or rather, finger-crossed prospects)

Everything is very tentative here. It all depends on whether funding comes through. On Friday, I got a call from a certain Oscar-nominated film producer (yes I looked up this person, and she was indeed nominated for an Oscar one year) who is working on a film about Guatemala to compose a poem and possibly read it for a documentary short to be funded (if funding is awarded) by a certain cable station up here. Seems she Googled me, found my Guatemalan connection (it seems my Guatemala & Other Poems came up first in her search for Poems Guatemala), read this blog and accompanying poetry blogs, and the connection was made. I wrote a letter expressing my desire to participate in the project, it's become part of the project proposal, and now my fingers are crossed for a certain uncertain funding decision to be made a few months down the road. What surprises come from the internet!

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