Monday, October 03, 2005


After considering the foregoing discussions, here's my personal nomenclature for that wonderful/dreadful process of submission: submission in general will be called circulation; individual submissions assertions, rejections returns, and submissions of work turned back recirculations. In other words, I have lots of poems for circulation; some have been returned, and need to be recirculated. I have to work on an assertion now. Sounds good? À bientôt!


A. J. Patrick Liszkiewicz said...

That's perfect. S'ok if I steal these terms? Please?


P. S. -- 1.5 days 'til hockey!

Brian Campbell said...

Shouldn'ta spilled the beans. Here I am, losing my competitive advantage. ;)

... but of course you may. The traditional terms seem to have been invented by editors to reflect their point of view, to assert their superiority. I'm just turning the tables a bit, to assert the writer's point of view -- and to overcome some personal psychological bugaboos too. (ooo ooo ... now for the aaahs.)

Ivy said...

Brian, I also dislike the word submission. I call the work I send 'contributions' and if they do not like them, have also called them returns. It's amazing how assigning these things new names changes one's perceptions of the whole process! :-)

Brian Campbell said...

I like the term "contributions". A good contribution to the discussion.