Thursday, November 10, 2005


This blog makes my brain scatter all over the place. Do Mammon and the Muse find their nexus here? It all seems though for the benign purposes of A-Muse-Ment... Most poet bloggers have blogrolls, here we have a blog rollcall. One poet one day at a time. And the laureate position... will this eventually be a sinecure? Can I apply? What would my duties be? Or is this duty-free? Is Billy here Billy Collins in disguise? (Actually I think that's Ted Kooser) Hmmm...

The attraction of a list... as soon as I saw the list of 100 blogging poets, yes, I confess, I wanted to be on it! To be chosen among the thousand or more out there! The power of lists: Any Joe Blow (or Billy Blow) can set up a list like that, and it draws you in. Like the queue you see forming around a block for a movie YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW. (Until you find out what it is...) Better than being listless, in any case.... And to be named laureate..... ! Now that Mr. Billy Blow knows of my existence (yes, I saw his site URL on my site meter, I assume it's him), I want to keep track, the suspense he has created is truly getting to me!

Ah, vanitas!

But I must be thankful to him. He is leading me to my enlightenment.


Billy Jones said...

Howdy Brian,
I saw your comments last night but crashed before I could get back to you.

The list thing... well, you captured my thoughts exactly. I've been highlighting blogging poets for a couple of years now with hardly any notice but the very day I gave my efforts a name people rushed to see if they were on it. Interesting, the way humanity works, isn't it?

By the way, my blogroll is six web pages long, divided by catagories including a poetry aggregator convienently found at on to which your RSS feed was added yesterday. (I'm planning a major expansion of the aggregator soon.) I hope it brings you lots of traffic.

As for the list of 100 Blogging Poets In 100 Days, well we do have more than 30 days left before I go on to my next promotion of poets from throughout the Poetisphere which I hope you'll join. Maybe you'll want to help form a committee to help elect the second Poet Laureate Of The Blogosphere? I ran the whole thing on my own this year but think a committee would be a better idea and have already yielded that to Poetisphere.

Brian Campbell said...

I'm glad you took my ribbing in good spirits. Thanks for adding my RSS feed to your aggregator. A poetry aggregator: now that sounds dangerous. Do they live in swamps? Is it a prehistoric animal (a poetsarus has to be...) Or is it some device to help me be more prolific? I didn't know what an RSS feed was, and I've since googled a definition, and now wonder how you got it. I'll check out poetisphere. All these terms! Let's talk about stars and flowers and rivers and eyes.

Billy Jones said...


I can see now we'll get along just fine.

Yes, the terms can be a bit much and every day I learn a new one I'm forced to spend months to figure out when all I really want to do is write a poem.

All these thingamabobs, whatchagigers, dohickeys... why no wonder we're all so confused.

Brian Campbell said...

Actually dohickeys are not so bad. I should have said stars and flowers and rivers and dohickeys.

Pris said...

I think this conversation should go into a capsule to be sent into space for further generations to read:-) You guys are a riot!

gina said...

Okay, now you've made MY head spin. My blog roll overwhelms me as it is. And look at all I need to read. Thanks for the link, Brian. Thanks a lot.

Brian Campbell said...

I don't know if you were being ironic there, Gina. I suppose this is the time for that most cloying device, the emoticon. If you want to be overwhelmed (like, superabundantized out), try to actually visit everyone on Ron Silliman's blogroll. A five year project at least. ;-) etc.