Friday, December 23, 2005

Bonnes fêtes...

Question for the fiesta times:

Is there a lit review (print, or online) that particularly excites you, that makes you look forward to each issue, that makes you actually
inspired to send your work to it? Two I like particularly are No Tell Motel (I like the attention they give to writers, esp. the opportunity they give to them to discuss their poems), and Octopus. What are your fav's?


Nick said...

Joyeux Noel!

Online, I like the format of the VALPARAISO POETRY REVIEW. There are too many print journals (that I like) to mention here, but The Paris Review and Shenandoah rank up there.

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks, Nick! I had never heard of the Valparaiso Poetry Review. (Does it come out of Chile? I'll have to check it out...) Shenandoah rings a faint bell, and of course The Paris Review I'm familiar with. (Once quite a few years ago they sent me a rejection letter asking to see more of my work. Then I was turned down flat. Interesting "one of a kind" experience... or would that be a "two of a kind?")