Thursday, February 16, 2006

Local Scene: Cafe L'Enchanteur

That's me on the left at last Sunday's show at Cafe L'Enchanteur -- playing a new, unheralded, unknown "hit" of mine called Cry Baby Cry, that for some mysterious reason, had them all clapping along (actually, not so mysterious: it was you who started it, Benoit!). The clapping was so distracting I almost forgot the lyrics I had been practicing all week... The crowd (photo below, taken at some other point in the show) was packed into the place shoehorn-wise: I think the cafe manager had told us the capacity of the place, and not the actual number of seats, and on our side we had forgotten to include ourselves (7 musicians, soundman, plenty of stage space) in the count. Fortunately because of the cold evening not everyone showed up who had tickets -- or the doors would have been blown off the joint. A good evening, tho, was had for all involved. Back to the writing life!
(For more on my music, album etc. check my website.)


Pris said...

How did I not know you sang? I don't remember it in a post before, but could've missed it. That's a great shot of you. Any recordings online anwhere as MP3's to be heard??

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks for your interest, Pris. I haven't been making much noise about my singer/songwriter self in this blog, since I've pretty well made the decision to make poetry the main focus for the rest of my life, and keep songwriting as, well, a sideline. I do have an album out -- I have good material for at least another -- and I do the occasional gig, as well as play for my ESL classes, the main source of album sales. I invite you to read about and sample my song-writing side on my website,

Brian Campbell said...

I've since revised the post to include a link to my site.