Wednesday, February 08, 2006


All 90 seats in this cafe have been sold out for Saturday's show. (For those who don't know French, this is an esp. clever play on words: Le Coeur Chaud (The Hot Heart) is pronounced the same way!) Since we divvied up the tickets and sold them to friends, family, etc. (aside from our own websites, we didn't even bother with outside promo on this event), we're guaranteed a very friendly crowd. Of all the musicians above, only Mark Pinkus has significant web presence -- besides of course myself. A special plug for Benoit, Paul, Michael, Adrienne, and Mark too -- they're all amazing talents. Yours truly will be playing 3 songs in the first set, and a poem set to music in the second. Cafe L'Enchanteur has excellent food & drinks and a woodsy bistro atmosphere. Should be a very pleasant evening all round.

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