Saturday, April 01, 2006

Blog bog...

Old template problems in Explorer seem to have cropped up again. The sidebar (with profile, etc.) has been pushed down below the posts. I've rectified any posts that could have caused problems. The last solution, pasting a certain line into the template as kindly suggested by you AD here doesn't seem to be required. Do you see what I see in Explorer? i.e. that my blog is a mess?

UPDATE: I seem to have solved the display problem in Explorer at least for the front page of this blog by reducing the number of posts displayed here from 23 to 10. This will doubtlessly reduce load times as well, and make "culprit posts" that cause the display to go askew easier to isolate. I guess I'm attached to my posts -- at least the better ones -- and set the number high about a year back so as not to consign them too soon to the nether world of the back pages. On some previous months there are display problems, but at least the front page displays well...


Have been having all kinds of problems with Blogger of late. For the past three days, I have been unable to access this blog through Firefox; through Explorer, I could see the blog, but up to now, couldn't enter past the dashboard to post. This also for three days. Finally the problem seems to have been rectified, after several complaints to Blogger Support and the help group answered only by autoresponds. (Dozens if not hundreds of people, apparently, have had this problem...)

Right now though, I’m cutting/pasting all my writings here to Word as a backup. I discovered I can cut and paste the text, pictures, links, everything right from the display with a simple press of Select All and Copy. Saving a month takes about 30 seconds. Apparently there's a more sophisticated program available to do that more accurately, and perhaps I'll download and learn it eventually. All this as a potential stress saver. I wasn't exactly worried out of my mind -- Google for goodness' sake I was sure would come up with something, eventually -- but still, I was beginning to feel uneasy. Hundreds of hours have been invested in this blog, and I would hate to see it all go up in smoke.

My impression is that Blogger is understaffed, and that Google (despite it's oodles of $$$) is not giving its all to be a truly responsive or solicitous service. I've never gotten more than autoresponds to questions or reports of problems, never an answer more specific than general advice on their Help page provides. Eventually Blogger may screw up big time, as they almost did with me, and scandalized users will jump to Typepad or some other alternative service, and let the word spread loud and wide.

It seems a law of commercial (viz. human) nature that top dogs get complacent and fall asleep, then tumble to the bottom because they just stop feeling that necessity to be AWARE. Compare to Bill Gates & company winning the browser war, and then letting Explorer go to pot (no updates, security holes breached by hackers) because they haven't felt the need to fight it anymore. Compare to the fall of the Roman empire.

P.S. By the way, as a browser, I highly recommend Firefox, rather than this clunky, unstable thing the majority of you are using... I've said it before, but it bears repeating. Get Firefox. Opera, too, seems to be getting good reviews.

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Brian Campbell said...

Further investigation has revealed that only May 2005, Oct. 2005, Dec. 2005, and Jan-Apr. 2006 are affected by the template problem in Explorer. It's not obvious to see the sources of error in these months -- aside from the fact that Explorer itself is shoddy and inaccurate. April by itself is so far fine in Explorer.