Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Poetry Fans

There are real poetry fans out there... not just poem-writers who read what they can get their hands on to feed their craft (although one could argue just as persuasively these are the real aficionados), but non-writers who love poetry, cheer it on, just can't get enough of it (or at least, of the poetry they cheer on, can't get enough of). Rather like music fans... This one, with some friends, edits a site called Famous Poets and Poems and the other day she sent me this letter. I asked her permission to put it here (and indeed, she confirmed she doesn't write poetry). To me it's so refreshing to get a letter from someone who calls themselves a poetry fan!

Hello, Brian!

I'm Diana Collins, I'm a poetry fan.

I've visited your blog and I liked it very much.

I would like to thank you for your blog and for the time you spent creating it.

It's wonderful that there are such blogs, where people can learn something new and useful about poetry. It would be great to have such blogs as many as possible!

Wish you good luck and success in your occupation!

Hats off,

Diana Collins

Anyway, Famous Poetry and Poems is an impressive compilation, rather like the older and less graphically fancy Poetry Connection. It has hundreds of poems, a featured poet of the month, quotes of poets, etc. It will be on my blogroll, under Other Poetry and Writer sites.

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