Saturday, September 30, 2006

Back again

I've been away due to a crisis. My partner, who prefers to go unnamed in this blog, and who is -- I feel have to add these qualifiers here -- an attractive, highly intelligent and creative woman, also happens to suffer from bipolar schizoaffective disorder. This time she became suicidal and had to be rushed to the hospital. All this has been very traumatic for me and everyone concerned -- our families and many friends, who I've spent hours on the phone contacting, consoling, etc. Anyway, she is stabilized -- evidently she neglected her meds, for a complicated series of reasons I won't go into -- and is in good spirits now, although still under professional care for an undetermined time.

All this has made me indisposed to blogging about literature and the arts. Instead, when I've had free time, I've been spilling forth reflections in a personal journal and playing the guitar.


Nick said...

My thoughts go out to the both of you. Hang in there!

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks, Nick!