Thursday, October 05, 2006


Some good news: my friend has been released from the Montreal General. Seems he was suffering a severe migraine headache. He had never experienced a migraine before, and it was probably induced by the novel combination of drugs he was taking. Indeed, it was so severe he suffered memory loss: for an extended period of time he couldn't remember his name nor that of anyone else around him, nor his phone number or even how to walk out his front door, all of which was of course quite frightening. Fortunately, friends were there to help him through this crisis. According to medical staff, migraines can, in rare cases, bring about such memory failures -- something neither he nor I had ever heard of. Anyway, memory and equilibrium restored to a sufficient degree, he was released late this afternoon, although a friend is staying over at his place to make sure he's OK (he lives alone.) He was still feeling a little dizzy as he talked to me on the phone, and said he still had trouble recollecting some things. Anyway, relief, for now.

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