Friday, January 19, 2007

Just switched to the New Blogger software, and so far, in almost all respects, I give it a glowing review.

Publishing is now instantaneous (no longer do you have to look at that cursed wheel going round and round and round) and the dashboard and editing layouts generally better arranged. The most exciting feature of this software is that you can label the post (as below) according to any hyperlinked category you want. The effect of this is that earlier posts are no longer pushed into an archival nether world once they fall behind the current display. Anyone Googling or otherwise accessing any post can gain instant access to others in your blog on the same or similar topics. For bloggers, too, it will lead to a different and more flexible kind of referencing to their own work: passing allusions to what they said previously on the topic, with an invite to simply click on the label below, etc.

This evening, I spent about four hours in editing mode, giving labels to my posts, and so far, have done nearly half of them. It's the kind of job you want to do all at once, while your memory of categories you have come up with is fresh. But with some 380 posts, well, it's a task I'll have to finish in stages...

The advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages, but if I were to redesign the label feature, I'd put it in a less conspicuous place -- perhaps in a slightly smaller font just under the POSTED BY/COMMENTS line. Labels shouldn't have the last word, as it were.

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