Saturday, February 03, 2007

Absent replaces Void: Cleaning House

At long last, I've re-organized/edited my links list. Greg Rappleye and Reginald Shepherd, two new poet-bloggers who write substantial posts, I've added to my "A list" of poet bloggers. (Both are seasoned poets, and have quite impressive credentials. I've read their credentials, but not their poetry -- some time I'll get around to that!)

A few months ago, I put my B list --"Other Worthy" poet bloggers -- down in the basement of my blogroll, because that list was getting damned long and making other categories -- e.g. associations and reviews -- hard to scroll down to. But that included some writers that I found myself wanting, at least from time to time, to check in on. So, Nick Bruno, Todd Swift, Deborah Ager and Ali & Jordan Davis have been reinstated in the top group. Feel good. You're in a select group. (If you're reading this...if, at the end of time, this even matters...etc., etc. )

Absent, Guernica Magazine, Box Car Review and Hobble Creek Review have been added to the list of On Line Reviews. All these look like reviews worth examining & that I might want to get published in. 3am Magazine, Void Magazine, Subtle Tea, and Words Myth I've eliminated from my list. Basically, the poetry I read in them either badly needed editing, was too young or did nothing for me. Slowly, as I examine the reviews in my lists, I'll be getting rid of ones like those...

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Unknown said...


Thank you for adding me. I appreciate your kind words and the vote of confidence!

Greg Rappleye