Friday, February 09, 2007

Good news

A poem of mine was taken today by The Saranac Review. It will appear in the coming August issue. Thanks, Nick, for tipping me off as to the existence of this review.

Come to think of it, that's my first south-of-the-border print publication: not very far south (i.e., Plattsburgh, New York), but I'm planning a slow invasion.


Nick said...

Hey congrats, Brian!... I kinda worked it the other way around I had far more pubs in the US of A before I published anything here in my own backyard. But I think that I will give The Saranac Review a looksee and send out a sub.

Brian Campbell said...

Considering this post

I thought maybe you were one of the four writers who set up the thing.

They took, in my case, five months to respond. By no means my longest wait in my life, but you may have a few more grey hairs before you hear from them.

Unknown said...



Doesn't Russell Banks live somewhere near Plattsburg?

Brian Campbell said...

I had seen Atom Egoyan's The Sweet Hereafter, but was unaware of Russel Banks (author of the novel on which it is based) until you brought him up just now. So many people to be aware of...just to be author-informed, one has to keep a whole city in his head! Looking him up, he lives in both Saratoga Springs and Keene, Upper State New York... I guess that's somewhere near Plattsburgh. The irony is, I'll probably come across five references to him in the coming week.

Brian Campbell said...

... and thanks.