Saturday, June 30, 2007

For the last few months, Andrew Shields has been running what he calls the Daily Poem Project. Its final round, where people vote on the best daily poem since the project started, has its deadline at midnight tonight. You can read the poems, and participate, here. Sorry for the short notice! I'm back in Mtl. after a week of almost total absorption in teaching in this immersion program I'm in. (I have three more weeks to go.) Just before I left, though, I answered Andrew's call, and participated... it turned out to be an opportunity to read & evaluate some "top flight" contemporary American material. You'll see my short list with comments & final vote tomorrow.

PS. Andrew tells me (comment below) the deadline is actually Sunday night (Jul. 1) So as not to prejudice the voting, you'll see my take on probably Monday -- if and when I get a chance to sit down for a few minutes in the computer lab.

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Andrew Shields said...

Thanks for the promotion, Brian. It's midnight in Basel now, but I won't close the voting until Sunday evening (July 1), as I won't have time to post the results until then. I've had over 40 votes, and it would be great to make 50!