Monday, August 06, 2007


Does anyone know reviews that read (or at least accept) submissions during the summer? Three off the top of my head: Harpur Palate, West Coast Line (its reading period is July-August), and the internet review Octopus. Internet reviews tend to be more flexible in their reading periods as well as publication schedules than print, so many of which are affiliated with universities ... going through my links lists, I don't doubt I could find several, but you know these lazy summer months. I would prefer that they came to me! (If I find others, though, I'll list them here...)


Anonymous said... and but they are looking more for submissions of reviews of poetry books.

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks for those links, Pearl. I don't read poetry, only write it, so it's not relevant. ;-) Actually, no, I think they could be quite relevant.