Friday, August 10, 2007

Green Landscape with Red Cloud
Emil Nolde
1867 - 1956
141 images

Time out for at least 9 days. Tomorrow I'm off to my very own writing centre, in a countryside very much like the one pictured above, where for certain there's no internet access.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Did you see the huge dildo embedded in the green clouds?!! How about that image of the Virgin Mary shooting up with Edie Sedgwick in the red section? And all those SEXes and FUCKs--jeez!!!

Unknown said...

Hey! look what i've just found in the network to find out who deleted you from MSN without noticing it.

Brian Campbell said...

Hi Rob,

Look outside your window. I'm sure you'll see lots of tits & stuff in the clouds out there. And if you have telephone poles on your street -- phallic symbols galore. :)

Anonymous said...

I was looking for pic from Emil Nolde and I fall on your blog. I see you live in Canada near Montreal: it is funny because my best friend live there at Candiac. She is painter and will visit the exhibition of EMIL NOLDE at the Grand Palais with me. I am french and I paint also: you can see some of my pics on my blog. I did n't know Nolde and my teacher ( an abstract painter who studied at tne Arts Deco in Paris told me that what I painted looked like E. Nolde. I'll visit your blog further!

Brian Campbell said...

I envy you. Le Grand Palais (just looked it up) looks like a great exhimbition space, and Emil Nolde is one of my favourites.