Thursday, August 09, 2007

Writers' Centres

Tired of all the distractions of writing at home? If you live in Edmonton, you can go to the Writers' Centre. A great idea I would like to see replicated closer (i.e. a lot closer) to chez moi.


Apparently, there is one somewhat closer to home -- the Toronto Writers' Centre. It's quite impressive: check out the promotional video. This one, though, might be called the Toronto Writers'-With-Money Centre, as the full memberships fees are $175 + GST per month. To pay that plus a Toronto rent, you (or a generous benefactor) have to be doing well indeed. (The Edmonton Centre is in a public library, and is free.) However, there are daily rates for associate members (about $15 a day) and similar rates for out-of-province visitors, so I might take advantage of it when I visit TO (I have parents/friends there... it is my former hometown.) Thanks to Pearl for that information.


Pearl said...

Well, Toronto is getting warmer ...

Annie Wicking said...

I wish I had somewhere close I could go to and meet other writers instead I meet other writers online from around the world. Sometime second best can be the best of all.

Best wishes

Brian Campbell said...

... and sometimes on line can get out of line (and hand). ;-)