Saturday, September 15, 2007

Added to the blogroll/Naomi Klein

I just added Joshua Robbin's blog to my frequently-read blogger's list. Found it yesterday in a roundabout way: by googling the Strand's poem, The Great Poet Returns, featured below: his was the only site that had it. Then I got captivated by his content.

One of Joshua's recent posts is on Naomi Klein's latest opus, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. He's assembled an excellent cluster of quotes, links, even a You Tube video on this must-read polemic. For sure, I'll be dropping in on his blog quite often...

Also, added to my list of Fun sites is The Phrontistery, a compendium of rare, mostly multi-syllabic words, and Blogger Play, a never-ending slide show of images recently posted on Blogger. Blogger Play makes for a mesmerizing alternative "desktop" -- some mind-blowing juxtapositions (if you let your mind be blown), and some breathtaking photos (if you let your breath be taken) -- until the awareness of the sheer numbers of people constantly posting starts to feel wearisome.

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