Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A poem -- with finicky changes, minute considerations and such

My poem, Downriver, is now up at Carte Blanche for all (some, few, one) to see. As so often happens, there are some finicky changes I'd like, mostly to reflect my initial submission, so I wrote them a letter about it. The most important changes:

1. (Dorwin Falls, Rawdon, Quebec) is not a part of the title, but a subtitle. It should be under the title, Downriver, and in italics. (Actually, too, I asked them to eliminate "Rawdon". That the falls happen to be in or near the town of Rawdon, I now realize, is rather unnecessary information...)

2. In line 8 from the end, the word "feels" should be italicized, methinks:

(This I only feels light, I can tell

Ah well. I suppose I'll delete this or affix an addendum when the changes are made.

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