Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Democracy Now

For a long time now my sole broadcast news sources have been the CBC National and, for a laugh and an alternative take, Jon Stewart's Daily Show. Now I heartily welcome into the fold Democracy Now!, an internet newscast featuring (and largely created by) tireless journalist/anchor Amy Goodman. This is news that probes in depth what so many of the other American (and yes, Canadian) networks choose to slough over and ignore. Consider Amy Goodman's latest documentary video, Independent Media in a Time of War. In it she exposes with particular insight the blatant one-sidedness of American broadcasting vis-a-vis the Iraq war. Of course, Democracy Now! cannot afford to package the news as pretty entertainment. Stock footage is rough, we have few correspondents, and no "human interest" stories to lighten the mix. But Amy Goodman's show is an important corrective. For those seeking incisive reportage from a liberal-left perspective, programming like this is water to a parched throat.

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