Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Cruelest month?

To celebrate National Poetry Month, the League of Canadian Poets has opened a blog called "Poetry Without Borders". League of Canadian Poets members are invited to submit poems for its Poem-a-Day feature on a first come, first served basis.

I am not sure why it's called "Poetry Without Borders", since all the poetry comes from within the borders of Canada (or at least, is by Canadians), and what's more, within the borders of a national poetry organization. I suppose they're referring to international access via internet. But what with Doctors Without Borders and Words Without Borders, the name suggests something much more along those lines...

Compared to the poem-a-day email subscription feature of Poets.org, this is still fledgling affair. This is not really reaching out to the broader public in the way that Poets.org does. But it's a nice start. I like the informality of the submission process.

Some try to write a poem a day for the entire month. It's a fabulous idea -- for others. With all the editing I've been doing of late, and have yet to do in the coming weeks, I'm not in that kind of mode.

In the MiPOesias blog, editor Didi Menendez writes in a post entitled "ME ME ME ME ME":
May I suggest that during National Poetry Month that instead of just thinking about your own poetry that you also consider writing a review (at least one a week = 4 reviews) of someone else's poetry (book, individual poem, magazine, journal, broadside, etc.).
Great idea, too. I may just take her up on it.

What I've decided to do, though, is send things off every day -- very ME ME ME -- but something I've lagged on far too often over the years.

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