Wednesday, April 16, 2008


A note from a friend a few weeks ago about BBC's Poetry Please, an exceptional online resource. A little context here might serve: I was having trouble downloading podcasts. Excuse the weird lineation that comes of copying and pasting from an e-mail.

Some sites will provide their own player so you can hear their
programs online without having anything installed on your end..

One such site which works well, and the work is of caliber is BBC's

It provides it's own player that you can use on-line to hear past
programs from the previous check this out and enjoy.

The readings are fabulous and some of the poems terrific classics too.


Try it, try it, try's actually a request line where people
from England request certain poetry to be read. What a simple and
effective idea...a bit better that dial a poem sponsored by the
National broadcaster that is funded by government coffers.

Try this out, it's surprisingly simple and effective radio....some of
the poems are read by the poets themselves like Ted Hughes, Philip
Larkin and that's where the fun is too.


PS I just listened to this one and some of the poems are fabulous and
one of the them by a guy born in 1871....who knew he'd web broadcast
on BBC?? So, posterity be damned.

Speak to you tomorrow.
Well, I never took advantage of it ... too busy! (Or distracted.) But another option for a random poetry fix.

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