Tuesday, July 01, 2008

St. John's Harbour

In my hotel room, at The Battery Hotel. Hmmm... did they put that quote up just for me? The Battery, for all its Hiltonesque appearance, is, I've been told, rated only a two-and-a-half star hotel. But judging by its service, cleanliness, etc., it hard-earns every one of those two-and-a-half stars. My room itself was pretty non-descript, but from it, a commanding view of the harbour:

...and from another vantage point, the channel called The Narrows leading into the port. (As with all these photos, click through to see large.)


Anonymous said...

Finally some sea.....

the water seems calm, but the port is just a port ! is this the principal port ?


Brian Campbell said...

It's the biggest port in Newfoundland. The sea can get wild. Notice in my first picture there are almost no trees -- that's at least partially, I'm told, because the winter winds off the Atlantic can be so cold and fierce.

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea.....PLANT a TREE !

It will hold I'm sure, you are from Ont. and you know how to plant :)


Miss Fab said...

Nice Pictures