Thursday, October 16, 2008

via Jilly

“What is it about this painting that such infamous people in history have owned it?”

I always suspected there were lots of these kinds of "poets" out there...

The League’s press release states that “only a handful of large publishers are receiving significant benefits,” and that “writers and the small presses that publish most Canadian culture receive virtually nothing from the system.”


Anonymous said...

Shall our own Adolf, er, Stephen Harper be the next to own that painting? Stay tuned.

You would be amazed how many poets (or 'poets') refuse to read other people's work. My old friend Robin Tilley for one. He gave up reading poetry during his short stint at uni. The results are bizarre, artless experiments, amplified by his battle with schizo-effectiveness (or whatever the proper noun is to describe that psychological condition). Just check out that chapbook we worked on together, In The Grip of Sirens, to see what I mean.

By the way, when do Access Copyright mail out the cheques this year? I could use the cash just now.

Brian Campbell said...

Check out my response to your vivacious riposte in the comments section of the previous post.

According to Margaret Atwood in an article you can access in the post titled "Cultural Storms" below,

"Rumour has it that Mr. Harper's idea of what sort of art you should hang on your wall was signalled by his removal of all pictures of previous Conservative prime ministers from their lobby room - including John A. and Dief the Chief - and their replacement by pictures of none other than Mr. Harper himself. History, it seems, is to begin with him. In communist countries, this used to be called the Cult of Personality."

I wonder if this rumour is true.

I've never gotten an Access Copyright cheque, and I think you have to be published by an established, "reputable press" to see that money.

The official term is schizo-affective disorder. Someone very close to me suffers from it, or so we both think.

Anonymous said...

Nah! If you can scribble "There was a young man from Nantucket..." on a Bazooka Joe gum wrapper, you're worthy of an Access Copyright cheque. I get 'em, anyway.

I guess I'm the only person in Canada who remembers The White Stone. Ask around: maybe some of your local contemporaries can remember....

Well, The Who had 'Pictures of Lily' and the Tories have 'Pictures of Harper'. Jesus H. Gawd. He really is an annoying little arsehole, isn't he....