Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of the prose poems in my forthcoming manuscript had the phrase "bleached bone" in it. In context:

Petal withers, drifts
to the floor.

Tap drips,
washers rubbing thin.

My skin creased,

to bleached

This is a prose poem, by the way... most of it is prose.

A certain writer (who goes unnamed) suggested, quite rightly, that phrase is too close to being overused; that I should find something fresher, although she didn't know what.

I came up with "blanched bone" instead -- definitely better.

Then, out of curiosity, I googled the two phrases: "bleached bone" came up about 43,900 times, whereas "blanched bone" came up only about 858 times; in other words, the former, in Google, is approximately 51 times more common than the latter. Amazing that we can quantify word- and phrase-use that way!

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