Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm League Rep Again

It seems I'm Quebec Rep on the League of Canadian Poets' National Council once again. Angela Leuck, the poet who took over the reins from me last June, asked me to take them back. Some personal obstacles indisposed her from carrying out the duties of this volunteer position. Taking over doesn't particularly bother me. Duties include participating in monthly teleconferences and the meeting at the League Festival and Conference (formerly AGM), setting up a fundraising event, answering inquiries and passing on info to fellow members. At the last general meeting, I actually proposed (a motion that's since passed) that the term of League Reps be increased from two years to three -- just because there's a learning curve (familiarity curve?) that's barely completed after two years.


Stephen Morrissey said...

Hi Brian,

Congratulations on being Quebec rep again!

Best wishes,


Brian Campbell said...

Thanks, Stephen.