Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sense and Sustainability: U of M Colloquium

This coming Saturday, I'll be reading from my poetry and talking a bit about it at the Sense and Sustainability Colloquium at U of M, a conference concerning the environmental crisis and cultural expression. I'll be on panel 9: Poetry and Visual: Nature, Humans, Objects, room S1-111, Pavilion Jean Coutu 11:00 am to 12:10 pm. Entrance is free. Here are the panel members:

Panel chair: Sina Queryas

• Darlene St. Georges: “‘Earth and Sky’ Photo-manipulée (artworks)”
• Erica N. White: “A Reasonable Aesthetic: NeoPagan Approaches to the Art of Conservation”
• Vincent Tinguely: “A reading of ‘Oilers’”
• Sandra Sjollema: “Where the Wilderness Lives”
• K. Gandhar Chakravarty: “Sustainability: From Montreal to Kolkata”
• Sandra Stephenson: “Birch Polypore and other poems that go to the heartwood”
• Brian Campbell: “The Global Body Breaks into Sweats”

On Friday, all the panels are academic in nature, although the keynote speaker, Clive Ducet, is a poet. On Saturday, from 9 to 5, are the writers and artist's panels. (Odd that they didn't mix the artists/academic panels a bit more...) Names that leap out at me from Saturday's lineup include Gail Scott, Mary Soderstrom, Ian Ferrier, J.R. Carpenter, Barry Webster, Carolyn Marie Souaid, Oana Avasilichioaei, Bryan Sentes, Ilona Martonfi, Michael Mirolla, and Marcia Goldberg. All these are Montreal-area writers, although I understand there are others from out of town.

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