Friday, May 22, 2009


I've got my computer back -- suddenly it wouldn't start because of an "error or missing file" in the registry -- but a power outage while the repairman was reinstalling Windows caused an even worse crash, resulting in major complications. I've lost a lot of files including my most recent backups (it seems my backup disk was damaged beyond repair), and the rest, recovered, are so scrambled that... well, it's as if someone took all my file cabinets of 20 years, dumped them on the floor and shuffled all the papers. Also largely gone or scrambled: my email address book, my bookmarks, most programs.This will guarantee lots of hair-pulling over the next months.

The Toronto reading went well. Joe Rosenblatt, his delivery slowed by a recent minor stroke or heart medication (I never got that clear), delivered a curmudgeonly performance of witty, self-deprecating animal poems. Ed Nixon was decent in content and better in delivery. My reading was -- blow own horn for few seconds -- as good as ever, and I sold ten copies to family, friends, and a couple of strangers, now new acquaintances.

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