Sunday, September 13, 2009


I'm on Facebook. Finally enough invites, persuasion and recommendation pulled me in. You can access my profile here. I see it can be indeed a powerful tool if you want to invite people to an event or whatever.

In the last 45 hours or so since I created my profile, I've acquired 51 FRIENDS. So it seems that I too am in the race to be the first to acquire a BILLION FRIENDS. Wanna be my FRIEND?

Of course, the whole "friends" thing is a silly misnomer -- it's Facebook contacts, really -- but despite myself, I find my feelings being manipulated by the fuzzy connotations. Like, suddenly I'm so POPULAR. At least, we're tapping each other electronically on the shoulder, so to speak.

I'm surprised by all the people who are on it -- some whom I would never expect. Clearly, in North America at least, I'm a relatively late adopter.

Facebook's friend-finding software can be quite uncanny. An old friend's site -- a fellow in Toronto who I went to university with, who I still keep in touch with from time to time -- came up quite early on, under "Suggestions"... and I hadn't even listed my interests, educational background, nada. (Still haven't.) On the strength of a few events, my bio perhaps? Anyway, Facebook tells me, NOW we are FRIENDS.


Pris said...

I block all of the applications on Facebook and don't want as many friends on my list as I do. People I've known have shown up out of the woodwork (so to speak:-). I'm going to invite you. I' ve only invited about 5 people total, but yes, posts and announcements are read by more people there and I've found fantastic poets as well as journal groups/editors. Will you be my friend??:-)

Brian Campbell said...

How do you know posts and announcements are read by more people? Do you have a site meter there too?

Pris said...

I'm judging by the number of people who check 'like' (indicating they read it) or post a comment under a link or post. There's a much larger response on facebook than on blogger. Of course there could be as many readers on blogger and my site meter says I get a decent amount but fewer and fewer comment and I have a feed down the side now that shows me where folk come from---a lot google things that aren't going to keep them on my blog, such as when I posted about a long time doctor who treated many with CFIDS died. Most of my replies on facebook are poets, a few artists, some old friends, haiku folk I know, and a couple of relatives. Oh, befriend Scott Wannberg. He's on my list. He posts a lot of poems and they're not the gentler sort of poems I know you like, but he's gifted. Another poet you may enjoy is Russell Ragsdale. Also Puma Pearl.