Monday, September 21, 2009

PASSENGER FLIGHT gets its second review

Winnipeg Uptown Magazine Online: "Brian Campbell's Passenger Flight (Signature Editions) is a collection of prose poems about very contemporary concerns: the depiction of women in advertising, big-city life, sex tourism, high blood pressure and global commerce. One poem, Pastorale, uses language from postings at an abandoned missile site in California.

Other pieces tackle the current relevance of poetry. A poem called Edmonton notes that 'Poetry is compared to the filling of potholes here and found wanting.' Fishy suggests a novel use for ground-up poetry manuscripts.

On the other hand, Nota Bene concerns that old standby, sex. Meanwhile, the ghost of Charles Baudelaire whispers in some of the poems: the French master also wrote about sex and the city, so maybe these concerns are universal.

Campbell finds beauty in chaos and the eternal in the seemingly transient."
-- Quentin Mills-Fenn


Anonymous said...

I have a poem called Nota Bene! Not about the same thing at all, so I guess that's not so impressive a thing. haha.

I'm adding this book to my amazon wishlist. Christmas, maybe...

Brian Campbell said...

That's wonderful, Kieth. Maybe I should post that poem -- and some other selections from "Passenger Flight". No need to look over my shoulder now at the litmags in their winged chariots drawing near (with the baleful eyes and snakey hair of gorgons, turning to stone all would-be unpublished poetry posters).

Collin Kelley said...

Great review. This is on my "must buy" list. :)

Brian Campbell said...

Thanks, Collin. I'm honoured, actually. (I'm quite sure you won't be disappointed...)

Roxy Katt said...

Congratulations, Brian!

Roxy Katt