Monday, December 07, 2009

Plug for Woodwork

I've just learned Online University Reviews lists Woodwork as one of the top 100 poetry blogs. But they've overlooked a number of other worthies, including (hyperlinked on my blogroll, to the right) Robert Archambeau's Samisdat Blog, Sina Queyras' Lemon Hound, Rob McLennon's blog, Seth Abramson's Suburban Ecstasies, Pris Campbell's Songs to a Midnight Sky, Todd Swift's Eyewear, and Mary Biddinger's Wordcage, to name a few. Meanwhile, they've listed CD Young's Avoiding the Muse twice. Other things on their list, like the Slate Poetry Podcast, aren't properly blogs at all. Maybe if they paid more attention to their own editing, they would also pay a little more attention to what's out there. But, it's nice to be listed.

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