Monday, December 07, 2009

What to do with Woodwork?

Have been thinking about making this a "Tuesday only" blog -- as lately, I've been posting only about once a week or even ten days.

My own experimentation with Facebook and Twitter has lead to a lack of focus on my part -- plus lately, I'm just not willing to spend as much time looking at a computer screen. Due those competing platforms readers have been drifting away from blogosphere. Frankly, it's crossed my mind to drop this blog altogether. But I do enjoy this form of instant publication -- far more than the others, I may add.

I've recently discovered that in a jiffy one can crosspost interesting articles in "Huffington Post" and other online papers that I regularly read. On Blogger, though, unlike Facebook, there's no quick and obvious way to post thumbnail images, an obvious attraction for the eye. I hope that changes. I like a varied blog, so for now, while still posting my own things when the mood strikes, I'll pepper things up that way. Forays into politics, therefore, may become more than occasional. These are politically charged times.

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