Monday, January 18, 2010

I'm no longer an organization -- but still in business

For the past eight years, my website has been Well, no more. Due to an administrative glitch, that name went public for a few days and was snatched up and "parked" by another hosting service.

It seems my old host -- -- tried to contact me about the domain's renewal through a defunct email address, even though I'm practically certain I changed my email address with them, and it's on the website itself.

At first I was infuriated -- the old URL's on my CD as well as latest book, and all my letterhead and business cards have to be changed.

But Google's so powerful these days, the need for a memorable domain name may just be a thing of the past.

My actual site address has always been

and the domain name only a pointer. (It was a lot cheaper that way.)

Googling my name, my site comes near the top of the list anyway, and googling "Brian Campbell Poet" I'm definitely up there.

So I'm not even bothering with a domain name. Why pay the fees?

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