Friday, February 11, 2005

Poem by Louis Lax-Roseman (Age 9)

I will tell you a warning.

Listen close.

In purple pine forest,

spaces in middle
an inn

you feel yourself
happy, but
cursed are your lips

I have been there myself, and found a way out.

But I have been abused
by my dreams,
in the cupboard of doom.

But my dreams have me trapped
in the cover of doom.

This was written by Louis Lax-Roseman, son of Sharon Lax, friend and fellow Montreal-based poet and teacher. Louis is 9 years old... pretty remarkable, eh?

The last two stanzas represent 2 possible endings. Louis isn't sure which one to take. I have my opinions, but for now I'll keep them to myself. What he wants to know from you readers out there is, which one do you prefer??

1 comment:

Stuart Greenhouse said...

I'd go with the second one, if it's multiple choice. But if he's game, I'd suggest trying to work something between them in.

Good luck!