Thursday, October 06, 2005


Cut yourself off. Avoid any sort of human contact, any sort of distraction whatsoever. Live alone in your room, which is hopefully several miles underground or up in the air, and which you have emptied of all but a writing desk, a pile of blank paper, a pen or pencil, and yourself. Revel in the splendid isolation "built in" to this rarified activity of writing, to which so few allow themselves access. Have faith. The mind fills a void. It fills it. It does fill it...


Pris said...

Hi Brian
Odd you should post this today. I have a poem about isolation just added to my blog this date. I'm isolated for health reasons, but the results are the same. The mind DOES fill.

A. D. said...


You are nearly describing my living space. Add air mattress, piles of books, reading chair and lamp.