Saturday, May 27, 2006

Some Google Searches That Reached This Blog

lewd santa
leave my private parts alone
invisible peephole
narrative scuptures
woodwork writers
woodwork rubrics
patterns cow woodwork
woodwork reindeer
the great semelier
bushwhacked Canada
men undressing each other
mainline Philadelphia garage sales
apology for stealing someone’s secret
Campbell's bit and spur
largest organism on earth (I've gotten dozens of these, by the way, due to this)
largest orgasm on earth (rather less common)

and most eerie of all:

Brian Campbell found dead


Jocko Benoit said...

Well, that list is a helluva lot better than one I could compile from my blog. Good stuff. Lots of variety.

One disturbing thing for me is that on my website I had a flood of hits on April 19th and 20th for Hitler's Birthday (title of one of my posted poems). The hits on the 19th worried me a little more than the hits on the 20th. Still think I should have contacted the F.B.I...

Brian Campbell said...

...why not the Gestapo?

Seriously, keep writing and you'll attract some pretty bizarre searches.