Sunday, April 15, 2007

Local Scene


with singer-songwriters Benoit Bolduc,

Brian Campbell,

Michael Murphy, Adrienne Richards, & Paul Sarrasin

Sunday Apr. 15


Cafe Utopik

552 rue Sainte-Catherine East, Montréal

Metro Berri UQAM

Admission: Free

- and a good time was had by all. We filled the place, despite the inclement weather. The audience was attentive, the performances excellent. A warm, intimate place it is, one of a selection that Montreal has to offer where you can sit comfortably and thumb your nose at the beautifully falling snow outside. (Check link above). For musicians, particularly singers, who care to perform there: they have a decent mixer, amp and speakers, an OK mike and an additional guitar amp too-- but if you want something approaching a truly professional sound, bring your reverb unit.


Josh said...

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Joshua VanHouten

Brian Campbell said...

It's a long, slow build and there are fewer than meet the eye that casually glances at my site meter. I guess I write interesting things from time to time. This is not a commercial site.