Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Carmine Starnino and Christian Bök: The Cage Match of Canadian Poetry

The Cage Match of Canadian Poetry from Kit Dobson on Vimeo.

Christian Bök and Carmine Starmino, says the caption, "duke it out in their discussion of Canadian poetry." I watched this parley, which took place a few days ago, with great interest. If there's any clash here, it's between two writers possessing contrasting psychological/creative styles that need not be as dismissive of each other's creative practices as they have been. The tension between them is palpable -- I don't think they looked at each other through the whole hundred minutes -- but it's intriguing to see how their views are undergoing some process of moderation, and how much common ground they actually share.

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R. W. Watkins said...

Brian, remember how once upon a time I told you if you happen to be talking to Carmine Starnino, ask him if he's still an arsehole...? Well, after watching his near-pointless debate with that Bok fellow, I take it all back: He's not so much an arsehole as what he is a lethargic ankle.