Saturday, December 04, 2004

XJ Kennedy, Robert Duncan, et al.

Googling around for citations of Ciardi for the post below, I found this rather fun interview with XJ Kennedy. In it he talks about how Ciardi edited by "sympathetic contract", about trends in poetry, the ease of getting published but the difficulty of "getting noticed", etc.

Tony Tost meanwhile has sent my browser to a lecture by Robert Duncan, recorded some 30 years ago. This should provide an hour and a half's entertainment.

Things that arrived in the mail from Amazon today: Janet Frame's Faces in the Water (we couldn't find any Frame in any of the bookstores here... an Xmas gift for my girlfriend, which I've already wrapped...hardly a surprise since she saw me order it), Tony Tost's Invisible Bride, and The Making of a Poem: A Norton Anthology of Forms edited by Mark Strand and Eavan Boland. The latter looks like not only a beautiful anthology, but a remarkably unstuffy approach to closed and open forms, by poets, for poets. On order: Blizzard of One: Poems by Mark Strand; Triggering Town by Richard Hugo; Contemporary American Poets, an old anthology my friend Adze is reading, which I got for about $3; Duncan's Selected, and Introspections: American Poets on their own poems, by Robert Pack (thanks for recommending that, Charles). An order of Strand's Selected backfired, the bargain price copy I ordered not available. I'll reorder when I see the money's been refunded.

A note for Canadians ordering from US booksellers thru Amazon: the prices look like bargoons, even in Cdn. $$, but shipping costs approximately double them, on average. They don't tell you those costs until just before you finalize the order, in an obscure top right corner of your screen. The first time I ordered I didn't notice: I found out how much I was getting whacked with when I got my bill emailed to me. In most cases, though, it's worth it anyway. In others, there's no alternative. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't get hit with customs charges. (The books were priced low enough... I think ... but...)

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