Thursday, August 25, 2005


"Still love me?"
Sleepily, Rosy opened her eyes. She was lying curled up against Guard's body where she had fallen asleep after the last time they had made love.
"Mmm . . . More than ever," she told him. "Do you love me?"
"Yes," Guard told her quietly. "Above and beyond anything else there ever has been in my life or ever will be. You are my life, Rosy. My life and my love. Today, tomorrow, always and for ever. I love you."
Penny Jordan, Unwanted Wedding
Harlequin Books #1821 (1995)
Cesare looked down at her with hungry golden eyes that grabbed at her heart. He kissed her with soul-shattering tenderness and her knees gave way. He trembled against her and held her close for long, timeless minutes in silence. "Te amo…te amo," he whispered then with raw emotion and kissed her again, sending all her senses flying off on a sensual voyage of rediscovery.
Lynne Graham, A Savage Betrayal
Harlequin Books #1824 (1995)

He pulled her close again in a fresh surge of passion. "That's good…that's great! I want everyone to know that I love you, Shelley, darling. Everyone!"
But right now, other people seemed remote. The two of them were alone together in their own private, wonderful world. This was the first of so many nights of bliss, stretching on and on into an endless future, a whole lifetime of loving.
Nancy John, So Many Tomorrows
Silhouette Books (1982)

NB, all these are from the final pages of these tomes. They happened to be sitting on a shelf at the cottage I rented this summer. Reading them out loud, it was hard not to double over with laughter... (or nausea...)


gina said...

Wow. What's there that's addicting, I wonder?

Brian Campbell said...

I think the readers of these tomes have aquired a very special skill: they both read between the lines and beyond the words onto a glittering projection screen in their own private psycho-realm. (Not unlike a good many review editors, I should add...)