Tuesday, August 23, 2005


David Koehn at Great American Pinup writes about the extraordinary possibilities generated by writing about poets and poetry in a blog:

It can bring such immediate response from an audience and from the writer one is writing about. Yet the blog posts hang on the Web as long as the blogger wants them there. In this case, three months after my post the writer came across the post and found it worthy of a response. Blogging has this ability of extending discussions in ways that no other medium can. I've found this blog capable of discussing topics and extending discussion of these topics to people I had no other way of communicating with.

Well, I have to corroborate with that one! Within weeks of posting my mini review (in mid reading) of Barbara Pelman's
One Stone, I got an email from the author, and since then we've corresponded several times. Now it looks like a more polished and elaborate version of that post is going to appear in Pacific Rim Review of Books. Eh voilá!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the mention! I'm so pleased you took the time to read my blog and even felt my commentary worth of quoting! Sheesh...I'm almost embarassed when that happens because as you know when charging through a blog post "style" is not top of mind. Just getting the idea out there is enough.

I always fear someone will quote one of my syntactical dyslexias, uncoordinated typos, or mouth-in-foot malaprops.

I look forward to reading your review in Pacific Rim Review of books! New York Quarterly (NYQ) will run a bunch of posts from TGAP I turned into an essay about Squaw Valley Community of Writers 2004. Look for the essay in next fall's NYQ.

Thanks again for the mention!

Brian Campbell said...

Do you have access to PRRB? It has no web site as far as I can determine, and only scant mention on Google -- this seems to me beyond the rim, if not pale. But it does exist, the author assures me, and the editor liked my review.

Now that I know how you write, I'll keep an eye out for your dyzlexais, uncoordinatde tyops, and mouth-in-foot malaprops, and whenever I find them, hold you up to undeserved ridicule.

Brian Campbell said...

... and I'll keep an eye out for the NYQ. I'll keep an eye out to determine if I can keep an eye out for it. (This almost puts my eye out. I'll shut my eye, or rather mouth, now.)