Monday, October 17, 2005


Buried in all that technical talk in the post below is a quintessential expression of the boundless goodwill to be found on the internet. I had a technical problem; three others wrote extensively on how to solve it, one going so far as to investigate the html solutions for me and coming up with one; the problem seems to have been solved.

Porn, scams and sadism abound, but in this community and others I see a lot of utterly generous sharing and caring, dissemination of good for the mere joy of it.

There are times when this parallel world of "virtual reality" can seem like a society of angels who cannot touch or even see each other but nevertheless help each other in fulfilling their angelic tasks. Somewhere there's a poem in this; there's gotta be.


David Leftwich said...

we are no longer ghosts
in a machine, incorporal
but winged with keys
unseen optics reaching

Brian Campbell said...

I'm glad I touched off a verse, at least... not bad!

Corporal Campbell